Creative Cliff, Web Design | Graphic Design

A Bit About Me

I built my first website at thirteen years old and have enjoyed designing and developing websites ever since. The web design industry is continually evolving which is an exciting challenge to keep up with as new things become possible.

As a web designer I want to design the most effective website for you. Building a customized website to fit your business and customers is achieved by taking the time to understand your needs and keeping ongoing communication with you. Designing the website is one of the biggest steps in the process; often I will combine popular trends in the web industry with unique elements from your business to give your website a unique flavor that is both current and accessible to visitors. Once the design process is finished, I then begin programming, which makes websites interactive and simply stunning. Following code standards is very important in the ever changing environment. With the number of browsers and devices continually expanding, you need a website that can handle future technologies and be adapted as your business changes. Websites are living, they need updating and fresh content to stay relevant in today's ever-changing market which is why I will be there every step to provide the best results.

What was the first website you published online?

The first website I designed was for our squadrons Civil Air Patrol members, I was actually thirteen at the time. The website showed recent news and upcoming events amongst other things. I used Microsoft Publisher 2003 as the web design authoring tool.

Did you publish any websites for personal purposes?

Yes, actually when I was fifteen I began a multiple year project. I began to build a Guild Wars fan-site that continually grew till it spanned over one-hundred pages and had many additional features that I integrated as I learned. This site was a really great example of the fact that a website is a living project that will be updated and expanded as a business grows.

What work did you do before web design and development?

I worked as a self-employed landscaper for most of my teen and college years. When I graduated from high-school in 2009 I decided to get into website design almost immediately, I enjoy the challenges and creative opportunities that it offers. As I learned about color theories and design principles in college I saw how many similarities there were between landscape design and graphic design.

Have you done much design work since college?

As I prepared for graduation from Hennepin Technical College, I began to get website projects from friends at my church as well as extended family. It's very satisfying to design and develop a website that will help another individual or business succeed with an online presence.

Besides making websites, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

I enjoy playing PC games when I have time, some of my favorites are puzzle and role-playing games. In particular I enjoy the Guild Wars and Portal series amongst others. Another hobby I am fond of is camping in the northern Minnesota woods enjoying the calm atmosphere and taking photographs of the scenery.